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Resources from Katie Angstadt's Admired Leadership Presentation from the 2023 PenSPRA Symposium

Thursday, April 27, 2023 11:24 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  1. Admired Leadership Field Notes: sign up for a daily, bitesize dose of Admired Leadership wisdom and insights. Below are links to two recent Field Notes on the topics that were covered at the symposium:
    1. The Tricky Truth About Power in Relationships
    2. The Timing of Feedback After Success and Failure
  2. Leadership Books & Podcasts: The CRA | Admired Leadership 2022 “best of” list for what they share with clients on what they ought to be reading and listening to. It also includes book summaries for the recommended books to give a better flavor for what each is about.
  3. Relationship Readings: seminal article from David Maister, HBR article on the art of giving advice, and creative ideas for how to add value in your relationships.
  4. Style & Executive Presence

If you have any questions for Katie Angstadt or are interested in bringing the Admired Leadership Digital Platform to your district/IU, please contact her at kangstadt@crainc.com

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